Drill Instructors Prank Famous TikTokers – The Stokes Twins

This is gonna be good! I mean who doesn’t love a good prank.

What was supposed to be ‘The Stokes Twins take on the Military Obstacle Course’ similar to the challenge that was completed by YouTube personalities James Charles, Markiplier, and Ethan from CrankGamePlays turned into something completely different. In a fun way! 

The Stokes Twins, Alex, and Alan along with friend, Andrew Davila were up for taking on the challenge of running the military obstacle course at Camp Pendleton. 

If you are not familiar, the military obstacle course consists of a series of health and fitness challenges that range from beginner fitness challenges all the way to advanced fitness challenges. 

Some of the obstacles that truly test your physical strength, as well as mental fortitude, include college boy roll, back to back bunny hops, climbing over a high beam, and rope climbing just to name a few. 

For a full rundown of what the Military Obstacle Course at Camp Pendleton is, please watch below.

As for this particular challenge, US Navy Sailor Austen Alexander had something up his sleeve. 

Challenge, Prank, or Both? 

The first thing that takes place is Austen letting us know that while the Stokes Twins think they are coming to just run the obstacle course, he is really planning to prank them. 

At this point, things get really interesting. 

The Stokes Twins arrive, dressed in Army Green, ready to take the fitness challenge on head first. 

Youtube Military Personality Austen Alexander is accompanied by US Marine Matt who will demonstrate each obstacle before the challengee completes it.  

TikTokers vs Military Obstacle Course 

What takes place next is the actual challenge. Austen allows the Stokes Twins to complete the military obstacle course as promised. 

Austen explains the course beginning with the bunny hop while Matt demonstrates. At this point, the Twins are surprised that they are just going right into it. 

They move on to the college boy roll at which point Alex from the Stokes Twins says, 

“I’m gonna tuck in my shirt, this is getting real.”

The college boy roll is among one of the harder beginner fitness challenges so its no surprise that it was completed with some trouble. 

After another bunny hop, it’s on to the metal and wooden parallel bars that the challengee must slide down (the metal portion) then walk down (the wooden portion). 

As Alex makes his way down, Austen tells him that he has to ‘dab’ as it’s a part of the rules. 

-Everyone laughs-, as Alex says that he can’t ‘dab’. 

Someone says, “you can’t be on TikTok and not do a dab.” 

-Everyone laughs- 

Next, it’s on to consecutive high beam bunny hops. They all make it and continue on to the rest of the obstacle course. 

With a few hiccups along the way and an occasional boost from one twin to the next, the TikTokers complete the military obstacle course. 

Then things got really…really interesting. 

Drill Instructors vs Tiktokers – Prank 

The Tiktokers believe that they are running the obstacle course once more. However, as they get started, Austen signals his friends and they drive over. 

When they arrive, everyone is surprised, frightened even. I mean who wouldn’t be if a vehicle drives up and two of the fittest guys ever hop out shouting. 

Matt takes off running. Which makes it all the scarier. Austen is acting confused, he is not sure what to make of things (let’s call it great acting). 

The Drill instructor (aka actor) asks, “what’re we doing?” -with hands open wide-.

Austen says, “my apologies Sir, we’re just on the obstacle course.”

Drill Instructor asks, “on the obstacle course, what, you own this place?” 

At this point, The TikTokers are panicking. 

The dialogue continues with the drill instructor saying “you got no permission to be here.”

Next, he tells Austen to drop down on your face which means, get into the bottom position of a push-up. 

He says, “up now” – and Austen jumps to his feet. 

“Down now”, – Austen drops back down into a push-up. 

The Tiktockers seem scared, they have no idea what is going on. But, it doesn’t end there. 

The drill instructor gets Austen started on mini sprints while the guy that accompanied him heads over to the already terrified TikTokers. The original drill instructor heads over to the TikTokers as well and gets them started on going down into the push-up stance then jumping back to their feet.  

The guys are laying on the floor, instead of staying in the down position of the push-up. They are told to adjust at which point they are clearly scared. 

The Drill instructor asks “who are you and what are you doing on my base?”

One of the twins says, “I just wanna go home.”

Then Austen steps in and says, “ Thank you, guys.” 

Everyone breaks out laughing at the realization that it was all a prank and a pretty good one. 

The Reveal 

As with any good prank, Austen explains the whole thing to the TikTokers.

The Drill instructors are introduced as George and Big T. 

Alan says he thought “one of the guys were like the general or something”

Following this, Austen made sure to explain that the guys were not dressed like military personnel because to be quite honest, the prank as well as TicTokers running the military obstacle course has nothing to do with the military. 

All in all Austen’s goal was to get the famous Tiktokers to drop down and do some push-ups and that mission was accomplished. Cheers to good fun, health, and fitness.

By Shanice DK

Shanice Dk is a freelance web content writer within the health, beauty, and wellness niche. She works with feel-good brands in crafting content that speaks to their audience as well as search engines. Shanice believes in faith, passion, and purpose as she strives to make each day better than the last. Catch up with Shanice at Shanicedk.site.

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