Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi Takes on the US Marine Obstacle Course

Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi accepted the challenge to run the military obstacle course at Camp Pendleton!

The military obstacle course at Camp Pendleton is quite popular although extremely rigorous. In previous challenges, we saw Youtube personalities James Charles, Markiplier, and Ethan as well as Ticktokers the Stokes Twins giving it their best. Despite having troubles along the way, they all managed to complete it. 

In this current challenge, US Navy sailor Austen Alexander invited former UCLA college gymnast, Katelyn Ohashi, to take on the US military obstacle course.

Ohashi is well known for her amazing 2019 floor routine which scored her a perfect 10 across the board. Added to that, she is a six-time All-American, four-time USA Gymnastics’ Junior National team member and the winner of the American Cup. 

With such accolades within the athletic space, one can only expect that Katelyn Ohashi will dominate the military obstacle course. Well, let’s hold on to our predictions and see how the challenge actually went. 

The Practice Session 

Before running the challenge on her own, YouTube military personality Austen Alexander accompanied by friend Josh provided Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi with a full overview of the military obstacle course. Austen talked through each obstacle then Josh demonstrated. After the demonstration, Ohashi gave it a try. 

In this article, we will provide a full recap of the challenge. You can also watch the full video below. 

Beginner Obstacles 

The first obstacle on the course was the bunny hop. This obstacle involves a basic jump over a wooden plank. 

Josh demonstrates and Katelyn follows, easy peasy. 

Next, it’s on to the college boy roll. The college boy roll is definitely one of the tougher challenges on the obstacle course. This obstacle involves a 360-degree flip over a metal pull up bar. 

After the demonstration, Katelyn gets a mini boost from Austen then attempts the obstacle. Although displaying great upper body strength, Katelyn does not make the flip over the bar. -College boy roll is a tough one-. 

Next, they move on to a second bunny hop. Following that bunny hop, it’s on to the parallel bars. This obstacle involves jumping on to a horizontal wooden beam, jumping, then swinging to grab metal bars. It is also followed by sliding down parallel metal bars then walking down parallel wooden logs, ending with a jump over a high wooden beam. 

Katelyn jumps on to the log then jumps and swings to the metal bars, and before you know it she is down the parallel bars. 

“That’s easy for her. Perfect,” says Austen. 

After a quick demonstration, Katelyn jumps over the final high wooden beam but doesn’t stick the landing. 

“I forgot to tell you, there’s a slippery spot there,” says Austen. 

Katelyn laughs and cleans the dust from her leggings – she’s all good!

“I swear, at one point I did gymnastics,” Katelyn jokes.

Intermediate Obstacles

Another bunny hop, then it’s on to a 6.5 feet vertical wooden wall that she must jump over. Josh demonstrated a mini-run then jump, followed by a climb over the wall. 

Katelyn sets off and makes it on the first try. 

Next, it’s on to another bunny hop, again easy peasy. They then come to a standalone high wooden beam which they have to climb over. Both Austen and Josh demonstrate this as a mini-run then jump and climb over. 

However, the beam is really high. Austen offers the gymnast a quick boost and she makes it over. On to another mini bunny hop

Here, Austen says jokingly, “She’s doing a little better than James Charles did so far.”

Next, it’s a series of jumps (bunny hops) over medium wooden beams. Again, the beams are really high. With a boost from Austen, she makes it up onto the first beam. 

Being the record-setter that she is, Katelyn decides to hop across the beams as opposed to going down and jumping over each one. -cheers to using the skills you have and keeping a good attitude- 

Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi on wodden high beams

Advanced Obstacles 

Next, they make it to a double pull up bar. This fitness technique works by jumping to reach the first bar, then pulling up to the second bar, then using your foot to rest on the first bar as you try to get a balance, followed by either a college boy roll over the top or a climb over the top. 

Austen demonstrates with a climb over the top. 

“Just make it over, pretty much how you can,” says Austen. 

Katelyn Jumps to the first bar, then pulls up to the second bar, climbs over and jumps down in fine style. 

Katelyn Ohashi - double pull up bars on military obstacle course

Next, it’s on to a cool down bunny hop. Followed by the last obstacle- the rope climb. 

For the rope climb, the technique involves grabbing hold of the rope then jumping up slightly, then using your foot to somewhat grasp the rope as you make your way up the rope. 

Austen asks, “have you ever climbed a rope?”

Katelyn says “ I have, but I was never good at it though.”

She hops onto the rope and successfully climbs to the top with no issues. 

Katelyn Ohashi rope climbing on the military obstacle course.

Practice is Over!

Now, its time to put the gained knowledge and practice to the test. 

No surprises here! Katelyn absolutely dominated the military obstacle course. She showed excellent upper body strength, great form, and overall a beautiful attitude. 

She successfully completed all the obstacles, including the college boy roll! Yes, she did get an occasional boost from Austen but we can pretend that he wasn’t there. 

Austen Alexander and Katelyn Ohashi - Military Obstacle Course

At the end of it all, it was all smiles and a little tiredness. As expected.  

By Shanice DK

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