How To Escape Toxicity

Ryan Austin McAdams
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Every couple of weeks I like to purge my Instagram from toxic people. I keep a notebook with me specifically to make this easier. Every time I scroll through my feed or veg-out on stories I open this notebook and start making notes. I have a point system similar to golf in the way that the lower number is the best. Every 42 days I reset these points in accordance with the meaning of life. The way Instagram accounts get attributed points is in direct accordance to the chart as follows:

ThoughtPermanent Post ValueStory Value
Politically opposing me+6+4
Politically similar  to me (This should be bare minimum behavior)-10  
Personal problem (It’s not about you)+4+2
Demonizes people who receive points-5-3
Shows compassion for those whom receive points+6+3
Safe for work porn meme-69-6.9
Scantily clad/nude women-80085-455
Anti-flat earth propaganda+8+4
Absence of posts shaming those who are not homogeneous to me+3+1
MAGA Propaganda+5+4
Feel the Bern Propaganda+5+4
Deny Global Warming+ManBearPig+I’mSuperCereal
Universal Basic Income Propaganda+5+4
Lower Taxes Propaganda+5+4
Raise Taxes Propaganda+5+4
Biden is creepy (truth)-10-6
Vegans who still eat plants even though plants are living, breathing things just like you and me+420+420

When someone reaches 30 points I block them and make a long post about how people like them have no place in my circle or in this world. Like this!:

Jenna Jameson double team caption:

I’m just going to love your hate no matter how badly you ruin this Earth. I know you think everyone else is beneath you when you share your thoughts, but I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU! EVERYONE is equally valid in their opinions! I don’t need your fancy “evidence” or a “civil conversation aimed to understand each other and mutually solve a problem.” I’m sick and tired of hearing your bigotry. You CAN’T keep posting or living the way you have been. And we all know that what you thought before is what you’ll think forever. So don’t even try to apologize. It’s too late for you. People don’t change. I haven’t. I don’t care what you’ll ever say or do in the future. You’re an evil person if you disagree with me, and I’m going to choose to love your hate by blocking you. If you don’t like it, UNFOLLOW ME. #Byyeeee

I think we both know I got my point across. I happily lost half of my 77 followers after that post. I would say I’ve lost friends since deciding to be systematic in how I curate my circle of influence, but those people were not my friends. Now I never have to engage with a controversial thought or address others and their opinions that I cannot believe anyone has.

Remember, do not keep anyone around in your life if they are toxic. Anything that makes you question your behavior, thoughts, or self is TOXIC. Run away from it. Unfollow. Unfriend. Cut those people from your life. Then start thinking about what books you are going to forbid your circle from reading. Reading is dangerous. You should always get your information from only the source you like best through television and social media.

By Ryan Austin McAdams

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