James Charles and Markiplier Take on a Military Obstacle Course

Austen Alexander a U.S Navy sailor challenges popular YouTubers James Charles, Markiplier, and Ethan from Unnus Annus to a Military Obstacle Course. 

The challenge took place at the popular Military Obstacle Course located at Camp Pendleton. Camp Pendleton fitness boot camp challenges are common and are destined to test your fitness and mental power. 

The obstacle course definitely tested their strength, speed, and overall mental fortitude. Austen Alexander took the time to prepare the challengees for the rough road ahead. James Charles the popular make-up YouTuber along with the top-tier gaming YouTubers, Ethan from CrankGamePlays, and Markiplier took on the challenge head-on #challengeaccepted.  In this article, we will give you a full recap of how it all went down.  

The challenge 

The very first thing that takes place is an overview or training session of the Military Obstacle Course at Camp Pendleton. As an added bonus, Austen was accompanied by US Marine Matt who demonstrated each obstacle before the challengees attempted them. 

Beginner fitness challenge

The first obstacle on the course in this test of men’s fitness was the bunny hop. Matt demonstrated this as a basic jump over a wooden plank. Of course, this seems easy for someone who takes pride in men’s fitness activities, however, it was also fairly easy for the Youtubers. 

The next activity was the college boy roll. Talk about going from 0 to 100. This task was more challenging than the previous and involves a 360-degree flip over a metal pull up bar. 

Matt demonstrated a second way to do the task, by using one arm like a chicken wing instead of a standard pull up. The challengees figured the first method was easier and went that route. 

Ethan from CrankGamePlays makes it over like a champ, James Charles attempted but then decided this was not the one, which is commendable everything is not for everyone. It’s Markiplier’s turn. He makes it over but not before screaming “My balls! My Balls!” 

Next, they move on to a second bunny hop, which is immediately followed by the metal and wooden parallel bars which they must slide down (the metal part) then walk down (the wooden part) and end with a college boy roll over a wooden beam. 

Ethan completes the bunny hop, jumps up, slides and walk down the parallel bars, and does the college boy roll with ease. The group then took a laugh break to recognize his success. Following this, James Charles and Markiplier find the task a little more challenging. 

You got it! You got it! The team tells James Charles as he is at the metal bars. 

He then makes it to the wooden parallel bars where Alexander says: 

“I think your coordination is better than you think it is. You’re not trusting yourself.” 

And James replies “I know I’m not!”

With a little encouragement, James completes the task simultaneously with Markiplier. 

Intermediate Fitness Challenges 

Next, it’s on to a vertical wall that they must jump over. Matt and Austen Alexander demonstrate. 

Ethan jumps over the wall on his second try, Markiplier makes it on the first try. James struggles a bit, his 6th try, however, showed great effort. By his next try, Ethan offers his back as a step stool and James makes it. Yay! For teamwork. 

Next, its another bunny hop, piece of cake. They then come to a high wooden beam which they have to climb over. 

During the demonstration, Matt fails on his first attempt. This shows the difficulty of the high beam which requires your chest to rest on the beam as you try to pull yourself over. 

Despite the difficulty, the challengees complete the task, Markiplier makes it first then Austen, Ethan, and Charles ran it together.

Only Austen and Ethan completes it. Finally, James with another boost from Ethan makes it over.

On to another mini bunny hop followed by a series of jumps (bunny hops) over medium wooden beams, they all make it. 

Advanced Fitness Challenges 

They make it to a double pull up bar that they need to go over. This fitness technique works by jumping to reach the first bar, then pulling up to the second bar, using your foot to rest on the first bar as you try to get a balance, followed by a college boy roll over the top. 

Austen says he prefers to simply pull up to the second bar then go over. The team implies it because of his height. 

Instead of a college boy roll, Austen climbs over then jumps down. They all make it, by doing it in their own way. 

As a cool down, it’s back to a bunny hop. Now, its time for them to rope climb. 

Austen and Matt offer two different ways of how to rope climb. Both involve grabbing hold of the rope then jumping up slightly, then using your foot to somewhat step on the rope. 

Only Ethan makes it, using his own version of the how-to rope climb instructions he was given. The other two challengees did three (3) good try’s. 

After the run-through, Austen gives a pep talk citing that “the most important this is that we’re not giving up.”

Playtime is over, its time for the challengees to complete the Military Obstacle Course at Camp Pendleton on their own. 

Matt and Ethan decide to challenge each other, Matt gets miles ahead and wins. Finally, its a competition between Ethan, Markiplier and James Charles. 

Ethan takes the win, with Markiplier giving James the occasional boost so they finish together. Cheers to teamwork. 

The takeaway

Military Obstacle Course challenges are no joke. However, it also presents a learning opportunity. First, we learned many new fitness techniques, we saw some beginner fitness challenges, some intermediate fitness challenges, and some advanced fitness challenges. 

Being that the course had different levels of difficulty, we got to see some teamwork and positive feedback in use. If you don’t take away anything else, I hope you see that where there is a will (and a maybe little support), anything is possible.

By Shanice DK

Shanice Dk is a freelance web content writer within the health, beauty, and wellness niche. She works with feel-good brands in crafting content that speaks to their audience as well as search engines. Shanice believes in faith, passion, and purpose as she strives to make each day better than the last. Catch up with Shanice at Shanicedk.site.

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