Sara Olsen Girlfriend to Austen Alexander Attempts The US Navy Fitness Test

Sara Olsen, girlfriend to Active-duty Navy Sailor Austen Alexander takes on the US Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT). 

Sara Olsen is a 27- year old trauma nurse. When challenged to do the physical readiness test (PRT) by her boyfriend, youtube military personality Austen Alexander, she did not back down!

The event starts with Austen giving a breakdown of the challenge. The physical readiness test is comprised of sit-ups, push-ups, and a 1.5-mile run. Austen explains that passing scores for the test depend on a person’s age range and gender. 

In Sara’s case, being a 27-year old female she would need to complete 101-sit ups, 46 push-ups and complete the run in 10 minutes and 17 seconds in order to achieve an outstanding high score. 

“For Sara, since she’s a fit girl, I expect her to do it. 46 push-ups, 101 sit-ups, and 10 minutes 17 seconds. Can she do it? Let’s find out. “ said Austen

Fitness Challenge 1 – Sit-ups

Proper sit-up technique for the Navy Physical Readiness Test
Austen Alexander doing sit-ups

Youtube Military Personality Austen Alexander explains the correct US Navy fitness test procedure for sit-ups. He states that your hands must remain on your clavicle or shoulder at all times. If your hands leave that position, you will be disqualified. 

Your elbows cannot hit the ground and your shoulder blades must touch the deck or floor. 

The Kickoff

Sara Olsen and Austen Alexander do sit-ups.

They begin Sara seems to be doing good. Austen reminds her to breathe. She gets to sit-up number 15 at which point Austen says “watch your elbow.” 

She continues to perform the sit-ups in the correct form. Being a good instructor, Austen cheers her on, tells her that she can rest, and ensures that she remembers to breathe.

By sit-up number 25, he tells her again to watch her elbow. With 40 seconds remaining Sara is on sit-up number 40. She completes 10 more situps, in 10 seconds so with 30 seconds remaining she begins sit-up number 51. Within the next few seconds, she completes another 8 sit-ups she’s at 59. She continues. Within the total time of two minutes, Sara completed 62 sit-ups which give her a passing score.

Fitness Challenge 2- Push-ups

Wanting to get off to a solid start, Sara tells Austen to demonstrate the push-up. Austen demonstrates the proper procedure for a push-up. 

Proper Push-up technique for Navy Physical Readiness Test
Austen Alexander demonstrates how to do a proper push-up exercise.

For the Navy fitness test, you begin by forming a position on the ground. Then you move to the up position. Push-ups start in the up position which is similar to a plank. The down position requires you to go all the way down, keeping your back straight. At all times your hand must remain on the deck or floor. You are not allowed to form a downward dog (butt-up plank) or sag your butt down. 

Any Questions?

Austen asks Sara, Do you have any questions? She says “where can I take a break?” Austen shows that she can rest in the up position which is a plank. 

Sara says she is nervous, then asked “how many push-ups do I have to get?” 

-Austen takes a deep breath- “we’re shooting for 46.” he says.

46 push-ups sounded like a lot to me too. Sara is appalled! Sara wants to know the passing score. 

“It’s like 19 or something, we don’t shoot for minimums around here.” – Says Austen and I agree. You can do it, Sara! 

It Begins

Sara Olsen gets into the down then up position and begins. By 10 Austen tells her “easy work.” 

With more than a minute left Sara is at 20 push-ups. She’s at push-up number 23 “you’re doing good, you’re doing good, 24” says Austen. 

Sara asks the time. Austen tells her “40 seconds left.” 

Sara says “I can’t.” 

Austen says “shoot for 26.” 

With 10 seconds left she completes push-up number 30 and pauses for the next 5 seconds.  At the end of 2 minutes, Sara had a whopping 30 Push-ups! Well Done Sara, she earned a 10-minute rest. 

Fitness Challenge 3- 1.5-mile run

Sara Olsen takes on the 1.5 mile run in a physical readiness test

In order to complete 1.5 miles, Sara needed to run 6 laps around the field. 

“Running is your thing. This is your strong point so I expect 7 minutes 30 seconds.” Says Austen

Let’s pause for a cause…. 

Austen Alexander says “Look at these abs right here – flex your abs.” 

 Sara says “How do you flex your abs?”

Austen says Sara’s abs are rock solid.  She says “It’s the red wine.”  

Now, let’s run!

Its time for the run. She’s off.  

At the start of the second lap, Austen says its gonna be a close one, time was getting the best of her. 

With a good stride going, Sara has 3 minutes and 50 seconds on the clock as she starts lap number 3. 

She’s on lap 4. The sun is setting and it’s getting dark. 

She is 7 minutes 22 seconds in and she has already completed 1 mile.

Sara is at 9 minutes 38 seconds on the clock as she begins lap 6. He stops her at 11 minutes 9 seconds, Sara completed the 1.5-mile run. 

Sara destroyed the sit-ups, completed the push-ups, and crushed the run in my humble opinion.

Overall she passed the US Navy Fitness Test with an Outstanding low. Which is pretty amazing. Way to go Sara!

By Shanice DK

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